Chloe X Halle Break Down Epic 'TODAY' Show Performance

Yesterday the internet was on fire after Chloe x Halle ATE UP their at home performance of 'Do It' on the 'TODAY' show and I had questions about that + more.

So on the same day I was set to talk to sisters Chloe and Halle, I hit up Twitter to see what their hashtag yielded, little did I know that they had just killed their performance on the 'Today Show' and folks had officially crowned them the QUEENS of at home performances. Once I watched the video below, I surely had to agree! The musical geniuses surely BROUGH IT right from their backyard, it actually felt like "normal" performance thanks to outdoor space and creativity.

We also got into their joint creative process which includes: writing, producing, singing, performing...and how they manage to work together on so much as sisters without any drama or disagreements. If you have siblings, you know things ain't always a walk in the park when it comes to collaborative efforts, so I had to ask if there is ever any friction 😂

Since I had already had the ladies on the Zoom line, I also asked about these new black latex esthetics we can see on the 'Ungodly Hour' album cover, their decision to drop the project during such tumultuous times and being nominated for a 2020 BET Award for "Best Group."

Their brand new album 'Ungodly Hour' is OUT NOW and available everywhere!

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