Blackway On "Intense" Record With Busta Rhymes, New Project "New Yhana 2"

New York rapper Blackway's 2019 was crazy!!!! After appearing in the extremely successful Spiderman: Into The Spider-verse soundtrack with "Whats Up Danger" (Which btw is almost PLATINUM), the rapper is back to dropping new music and is gearing up to drop his latest project. Blackway's newest record "Intense" features none other than NYC legend Busta Rhymes. The record which sees the two artists exchanging bars back and forth definitely lives up to its name and is a must needed addition to your work out playlist.

Speaking a bit about the creation of the record as well as his relationship with Busta he revealed that they have more records in the stash together and that some of those songs may be appearing on Busta's upcoming album. He also shared how one time Busta called him when he was asleep at 2am and he immediately shout out of bed ready to work with the legend.

"Yo bro I need you to get on the project and I need your help, he wanted a hook from me, he starts playing the beat, sends me home with the beat, I worked on the hook for him that was one song, the other time we linked up he called me at two in the morning like "AYO KING WASSUP", I actually tried to front like I wasn't sleeping I was like wassup, cuz if its studio work Im with it"

He also spent the end of 2019 and the beginning of this year in Ghana, performing, doing interviews etc. While his trip back home was to reconnect with the people as well as do some press he revealed that he spent a ton of time working on his sequel to his 2017 project "New Yhana".

"New Yhana 1 was never planned it was a collective of songs with through out randomly because I didn't have any new music out" he goes on, "I named it New Yhana because thats the phrase I always used to describe myself being from New York and Ghana, after we through that out I actually liked the idea of New Yhana so I actually wanted to build a project based around the concept and made in Ghana just so I have that feel to it and record in different environment alone, all of my projects have been recorded in New York, this will be my first project recorded in Ghana and Ghanian produced"

With "Intense" serving as the first single of the upcoming project Blackway shared that he has a ton of international features on the project to really bring together the concept of New Yhana. Also adding on that one feature he has yet to secure is none other than Stefflon Don, however he says he has the perfect record for her with "London Girl", so we'll keep our fingers crossed hoping that it becomes a reality on the project!

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Blackway on iHeartRadio below..

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