Mak Sauce On New Project "Whats Is World 2", Why He's Called "Saturn Boy"

Atlanta native Mak Sauce has come out the gate swinging in 2020. With the release of his new project “What Is World 2” the rapper is taking his fans on an out of this world journey. The project which features his 2020 singles “Razor Blade Flow” and “Good Morning” has already received tons of praise online for Mak’s unique sound and flow.

The self proclaimed “Saturn Boy” also was able to secure what may be one of the hardest Lil Yachty features for the remix to “Good Morning” along with another dope guest verse from NLE Choppa.

When asked about the remix to the song the rapper expressed that after Yachty sent him the verse he said that he owes him one:

“Yachty got on it first and choppa then was like I want in, Yachty said Im bout to owe him and that’s why the verse is so hard I guess, nah but Yachty is a friend that’s my brother.”
He goes on to express that he had to keep playing the verse back when Yachty sent it because of how hard it went
“I had to keep listening to it because that m------a hard, I had to keep playing it back, and I ain’t even want to put other features on the tape with it because I wanted it to be all me and Yachty and Choppa.

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Mak Sauce on iHeartRadio below

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