Mikey Polo Talks New "Emo World" Album, Sets July Release Date

With a blend of so many different genres being the core of his music, we got to chop it up with Mikey Polo ahead of the upcoming release of his first major album "Emo World". Exclusively telling us that the album will be dropping in July, he shared some details about the release including having major features on the project:

"Everything that people talk about and expect about it on the internet is true like if you see the comments it does have a lot of major features, this is my first tape with major features it is something that I am gonna call my first official studio album and it's going to be the introduction into the emo world"

He also described that the vibe he's going for with the album as "I'm going for I want you to feel like you off LSD while playing a video game listening to this".

Polo also recently teamed up with Trippie Redd's "1400 Gang", when asked what makes the partnership so unique he had this to say

"It's magical it's just two people who like the same exact thing, but we're at different points with it, and different times with it, and we look at it two different ways but still feel the same way about it and bring it together"

Check out the full interview above and listen to Mikey Polo on iHeartRadio below

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