Breonna Taylor Incident Report Mostly Blank - Lists Injuries As 'None"

Louisville Metro Police Department has released the incident report from the night in March when Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by police - but it was practically left blank.

LMPD released it Tuesday saying they had received "several open records requests" for it. Alicia Smiley, with LMPD, provided the report and said, "Pursuant to KRS 61.878(1)(a) the numerical street address, apartment number and DOBs have all been redacted as the release of this information constitutes an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy."

On the report we see Ms. Taylor's details, the names of the officers, etc. things the public already knew. But under Ms. Taylor's section, where it asks about injuries, the report says, "none" but she died and was shot EIGHT times by officers.

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Ms. Taylor's life was tragically taken from her on March 13th this year by Louisville Metro Police Department officers in her apartment. While over the past two weeks there have been thousands of protests across the world supporting #Blacklivesmatter and demanding justice for the murder of George Floyd.

While the officers in the case of Floyd have been arrested and charge now many are also including Ms. Taylor's case in these protests as it has been months and there have not been any arrests or convictions of the officers.

Only days after what would have been her daughters the 27th Birthday, Ms. Taylor's mother Tamika Palmer spoke with Angie Martinez, Angela Yee, and Tamika D. Mallory about what they're working on doing right now to get justice as well as recount the night her daughter was murdered detailing how it all went down and how she was lied to by the police.

Check out their interview below:

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