Derek King On His New Album "Let's Be Honest", Success Of "Tetris" + More!

Bay Area native Derek King found a ton of success back in 2018 with the release of his SMASH hit "Tetris" earning himself two remixes for the song one with Russ and the other alongside Rich The Kid! The song even reached all the way to the pop world earning him some love from Grammy award winning artist Billie Eilish.

Fresh off the release of his new album "Let's Be Honest" the singer is looking to make this his year putting everything he has into the album. With a variety of records on this project King is really showing his versatility as an artist while also being accompanied by the likes of bay area legend E-40 as well as King Combs, Eric Bellinger, Zion + More!

Earning the E-40 feature was a HUGE deal for Derek, citing when asked about it that it is almost a right of passage of sorts to get the co-sign from the Bay area GOAT.

"E-40 is I can say for every Bay Area artist, thats like a milestone for a Bay Area artists to get a song with E-40, thats like the solidified that the Bay is rocking with you, like E-40 is in your corner, he messing with you, than you know you going in the right steps"

For any artist having such a big record that blows up can be a challenge to follow up as they are always trying to one up their past move. Derek has done that with this project and spoke about how the success of "Tetris", propelled him to always want more and keeping making his next move bigger than his last

"I don't want to be just known as what Im known as, I want to be bigger than that, theres more to this life, with than being said we're just in the studio, were just vibing, were just trying to think of bigger concepts, bigger productions, bigger rollouts, and just bigger, we want everything to be more and I can say where Tetris helped it gave me that hunger and that ti needs to be better, I got a little taste of it but now I want more"

Listen to Derek King's new album "Lets Be Honest" on iHeart Radio below...

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