Skai Jackson Is Exposing Racist Teens On Twitter

Just call Skai Jackson the "queen of exposing racists." Well, that's what Twitter is calling her after the 18-year-old actress announced her plans to put racists teens on blast!

On Friday (June 15), Skai took to Twitter to ask her followers to contact her via DM and send videos, screenshots, and/or any other proof of their classmates' racist behavior. "f you know a racist, don’t be shy! Tweet me the receipts," she wrote. Adding, "I expose racist all day, everyday, 24/7 , 10 days a week, and opened all hours🙈."

Skai went on to expose a number of bigoted teens by reposting the receipts of their racist behavior, along with their names, schools, hometowns, social media handles, and, for a few, she even included their phone numbers.

One teen outed by Skai for their social media posts was a Texas Christian University student who posted a photo of herself in blackface with the caption, "changing races." After being exposed, TCU announced that the student had been reported to "the appropriate staff members."

As Skai's Twitter timeline filled with receipts of racist teens' behavior, she began to trend on the social media site for her efforts.

See the positive reactions to her tweets below!

Photo: Getty Images

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