"Droves" Of People Are Fleeing New York City Permanently

Waves of people are trying to leave New York for the suburbs and smaller cities amid growing fears that the city may take years to get back to our former glory.

Those fleeing the city are parents with young children who had already been eyeing moves to suburbs, people who will now permanently work from home and frustrated single people who no longer see the point in paying exorbitant rent prices for small apartments when there is no city beyond their homes for them to enjoy.

It has sparked questions of whether New York will bounce back - like it did in the 1920s after the Spanish Flu, when there was a spike in creativity and population growth - but also fears that the Big Apple, beloved for its chaotic density and busyness, may never be the same again.  

As of today, there were more than 205,000 cases of COVID-19 in New York City and more than16,000 deaths. 

Photo: Getty

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