Angela Rye Discusses The Murder of George Floyd, Recent Protests

As protests continue in all 50 states and around the world a little over a week since the murder of George Floyd we had Angela Rye call in to talk about everything going on from the murder to recent police brutality against the peaceful protestors. As we all know the polic officer who has killed George Floyd has had his charged bumped up to 2nd degree murder as well as the other three offices have been arrested and charged.

Talking a little bit about the charge she expressed that often times people are really desensitized when it comes to police being held accountable for their actions

"In these cases what happens is sometimes what happens is because people are so desensitized to police having to be accountable, especially in any type of killing, people will insist that it's an overcharge if their charged with anything other than a negligent homicide, this police officer kneeled on his back in died which is a higher degree"

The two went on to talk about the protests going on everywhere now and how that while we are all outside protesting against police brutality a lot of the police response is with excessive force and brutality.

"When I look at rubber bullets flying, people getting hurt like are you kidding me and the reason we're out here is because of police violence and your responding with police violence excessive force at what point does that system get dismantled and we become safe, so Im hopeful but I'm also frustrated because Im like we can literally sub out names with the same incident, thats where we are and that is not ok it is the year 2020 and we are fighting the same battles as our fore-bearers"

Check out the full Interview above!

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