Lil Yachty Joins Peaceful Protests Out In Atlanta

Today marks a week since George Floyds senseless murder at the hands of the Minneapolis police department and protests are still going on not just around the country but around the world demanding justice with protests down in the UK & Germany.

Here on the frontlines in America many artists have already stepped up to go out and be with the people such as Wale in L.A, J Cole in NC and Lil Yachty in Atlanta.

The "Lil Boat 3" rapper took to the streets this weekend to talk to the people of his city and stand with them during the protests to share some words with those gathered around expressing that he wants the protests to stay peaceful and not destroy the community they live in:

"It's unfortunate we gotta do s--- like this to have our voices heard, but we gotta stand for something or fall for anything, its just it doesn't make sense to me, Im tryna add up as to why we gotta go to breaking windows, demolishing, our community, we live here, we raising our families here, its unfortunate we gotta do this just to show our frustration."

Photo Getty Images

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