Jay-Z Calls Minnesota's Governor Demanding Justice For George Floyd's Death

After issuing a statement this weekend Jay-Z is continuing to take action in seeking justice for the death of George Floyd. Yesterday (Sunday, May 31st) Minnesota Governor Tim Walz had a press conference to speak about what is going on in his state in wake of Floyd's murder.

During the conference he revealed that he recently received a call from non other than Jay-Z demanding justice for the murder.

"Receiving a call, last night, to understand how big this was, from Jay-Z. Not international performer, but dad, stressing to me that justice needs to be served. And that as he's listening and hearing it, that this is a place that wants to do it. That this is a place that does it, but we have to follow through."

It has been a week since the death of George Floyd and since then only one officer has been arrested and charged with third degree murder.

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