Ne-Yo Says Quarantine Saved His Marriage, Talks Battle With Johntá + More!

Checking in via Zoom we had NEYO call in to talk about his Verzuz TV battle with Johnta Austin, everything going down in Minneapolis and his new single with Jeremih "U 2 LUV".

First and foremost the new record is out now and Neyo shared with us some details about his new album (Which hasn't been named yet), BUT he definitely said there will be some familiar vibes on there as well as some new sounds you've never really heard from him before, "its layers and I didn't a lot of searching for this album, paying attention to whats going on right now but not losing myself in it".

When asked about his quarantine experience the artist opened up a bit about his personal life, specifically his relationship with his wife. When this all started the two of them were separated and going through a divorce, however during this crazy time him and his wife were able to work it out,

"We were separated when we first got in here, and I have to give this COVID-19 thing a little credit to saving our marriage, it allowed us the time to just sit still and really talk, not talk like two people who are in a relationship who are walking on eggshells and don't want to piss each-other off, but like really talk, heres what i don't like about you ass, that kinda conversation"

Check out NEYO's full Interview above and his new record with Jeremih "U 2 LUV" out now!

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