Rockie Fresh Reveals "Fresh Veggies 2" W/ Casey Veggies Drops This Summer

One of the most consistent in the game! Rockie Fresh stopped by (on zoom) to chop it up with us about the release of the deluxe version of his album "Destination" as well as reveal to us that he has two albums coming this Summer, one being his highly anticipated collab sequel to 2013 "Fresh Veggies" with Casey Veggies, as well as the sequel to his highly acclaimed "Electric Highway" album.

First and foremost Rockie has been hard at work during quarantine, while working on all this new music he has also been doing a TON of good for his home city of Chicago! Recently teaming up with Nando's PERi-PERi chicken, he provided hundreds of meals to Henry's Sober Living House in Chicago, which is a housing program for the people of the city that suffer from substance abuse.

"Being born and raised in Chicago and growing up in the church my parents really active in helping the community, now that I'm an adult and being blessed with certain connections one of them being Nando's we really wanted to do something, thats one thing with the quarantine for me, Ive been able to open up my thinking a lot more of certain things I can be of service to, so I reached out to Nando's and we were able to feed about 100 different people in a mental institution (workers included), and we also went to a couple halfway houses to feed people there to" - Rockie Fresh

Rockie is of course taking full advantage of the quarantine. While today saw the release of the deluxe version of his "Destination" album the rapper is already looking towards the rest of the Summer and boy does he have a LOT planned.

First and foremost Rockie revealed to us that his collaboration tape "Fresh Veggies 2" alongside fellow rapper Casey Veggies will be dropping this Summer! He also shared that the sequel to "Electric Highway" will drop during the Summer but expressed his album with Casey would come first with a new single dropping real soon.

"Fresh Veggies 2 is actually out before Electric Highway 2, so we gone have that to you real soon, it's done, its mix and mastered, we already got the cover art and track list and will be dropping a new single off that real soon, so it's gonna be lit."

With the release of the sequel to the beloved 2013 tape there of course comes a lot of pressure to live up to its predacesor, when asked about what we can expect from it's sequel Rockie had this to say:

"I think its a lot of growth, but I think me and Casey are a lot more battle tested now than when we dropped the first one, its still a fun project, its got a lot of bounce, still got a lotta energy, but a lot of the lyrics are us making it through coming from one place of the industry to where we are now, but me and Casey never topped working together."

Before we let Rockie go something I've asked all of the artists I've had the pleasure of speaking to during quarantine to share a message to the people reading or watching the interview who may feel down or lost during this time and he shared an amazing message that everyone can take something from:

"I watched this Lil Wayne documentary and in it he said repetition is the father of learning, and with that being said when your trying to push forward with it every day, I've had some amazing moments in my career and following those amazing moments i've had some of the worst lows of my life and if I gave up right there the story would have been over I wouldn't be able to dot he things that i'm doing now, so when you really find what you love you gotta look past your day to day, and move past your ups and downs, and believe it or not you know whether it take you six months or six years you'll see a light at the end of the tunnel with repetition and consistency"

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Rockie Fresh on iHeart Radio below...

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