YungManny On The High's & Low's Of Creating His "Confused" Album

Rising DMV Star YungManny has quickly risen over the past two year cementing himself as one of the hottest up and coming rappers out of the area. With the release of his new "Confused" project the 17 year old star is ready to take over!

Chopping it up with us about the new album Manny also spoke about what its like balancing his regular teenage life (going to school, graduating etc) with his music life as well as what he feels are the biggest misconceptions about being a rapper.

When it comes to his new project Manny has a ton of different records for everyone to enjoy, whether its the smooth melodies and deep visuals of "Blessings In Disguise" or you just want to turn up to "Margiela", Manny really shows all the different sides of him which he expressed to us when talking about the album.

"Its been a long year, i say this is the longest I ever spent on a body of work, It's that pain, It's that happiness, It's that joy, It's all of that, and thats why its called confused because I had a lot of mixed emotions when recording this project but I would say that this is my best project to date"

When it comes to being a rapper especially at such a young age, Manny has already learned a ton, while detailing a lot of his journey on the project he elaborated to us more on the highs and lows he's faced since hitting the scene

"The biggest misconception about being a rapper is that clout or fame equals happiness, when you say you want to be a rapper, you think of the house and the jewelry but then you don't think of the negative side of if, you gotta watch everywhere you go, people want things from you, your expected to do everything, you do something people look at you wrong, Ive experienced a lot of bends and breaks in relationships everywhere Ive gone, but I don't look at anything as a loss, it's a lesson"

Being in the game and in school during the time of quarantine is weird for everyone, however Manny is managing and revealed to us that he actually is graduating High School, speeding up the process a little bit, but while still doing music he values his education a lot and wanted to see that through to the end.

"Me you feel me, Im in a household with Nigerian parents who stand for education, I'm really big on my relationship with God, so ya I finished school, I'm boutta graduate now, I gotta speed up the process to really pursue what I really want to do"

We definitely want to congratulate Manny on finishing up school AND on releasing his new "Confused" album!

Check out YungManny's Interview above and stream his new project on iHeart Radio below!

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