Kota The Friends New Album Brings Much Need Positive Vibes To Quarantine!

Kota The Friend's new album "Everything" just dropped today and in a time where everything seems so down and sad, the Brooklyn rapper is here with a project full of good vibes, surprises and some pretty legendary interludes!

The project which follows his earlier release this year "Lyrics To Go, Vol. 1". While originally slated to drop at the beginning of this month Kota had to switch up the plans due to the coronavirus pandemic, but to be honest it may have worked in the favor of the release. The rapper details how he held up the project and went back in the booth creating songs like "Long Beach" and adding other records which turned out to be some of his favorite songs that he created on this album.

Something that I personally noticed when starting that album was the abundance of a ton of nature noises deeply seated into the background of all the songs. When asked about why he added all these different noises to the album Kota had this to say:

"Well one thing is I love the sound of birds in the morning, for me it puts me into a peaceful state, I usually add texture to every song I have, on BQE I added the sound of like a highway because thats the BQE and thats where I wanted to take you on that track, and on multiple tracks I added bird sounds, some are the birds at night, some are the birds during the day or in the morning, and some tracks I have walking on the city sidewalks, because I wanna take you to this place, whatever track it is I want to take you there"

Like we said before this album is a feel good album in a time where we need some music to make us feel that way. That was always the plan for the Brooklyn MC, detailing that he really just wanted to put out a project that would make people feel happy.

"The Whole Idea was that I wanted to make an album that was completely feel good, like because theres always so much going on and honestly its just timely that the coronavirus is happening and this quarantine. I honestly just wanted to make an album full of good vibes, like not to sound cliche but every song is really an upper, theres really no downers on the album. At the same time I really wanted to hone into what means everything to you?"

Two of the most notable names on the album come in the form of actor and actress Lakeith Stanfield & Lupita Nyong-o on their varying Lakeith Stanfield & lupita Nyong-o on their varrying interludes. What makes these two interludes so special is that the two movie stars speak about their idea of the concept of "what means everything to you?", with Lakeith challenging the idea saying that having everything is to have nothing at all. Lupita on the other hand shares what means everything to her listing that it means everything to her to be heard, to spend time in nature etc.

With the assistance Joey Bada$$, Alex Banin, Hello O'shay, Bas, Kaiit, Kyle, Braxton Kook and Lil Kota, Kota The Friend is in good company on this album and its definitely a project you need to check out this Summer.

Catch the full Interview above!

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