Meet First-Ever Mother-Daughter Duo To Graduate Medical School Together

A mother and daughter are making history, becoming the first to graduate from medical school at the same time UMHS reports.

Dr. Cynthia Kudji and her daughter, Dr. Jasmine Kudji attended medical school at the same time, miles apart from one another. Cynthia attended the University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) St. Kitts and Maine and Jasmine attended Louisiana State University School of Medicine. After years apart, both mother and daughter have matched at LSU, the first to do so, with Cynthia pursuing Family Medicine and Jasmine studying General Surgery.

“I think initially it was difficult because my mom and I have always been really close so I had to get used to the distance, we had to learn how to FaceTime and Skype each other, so we were Skyping each other every day and whenever I had struggles and she had struggles, we just had to learn to communicate from a distance,” said Jasmine.

Both mom and daughter are excited to finally be back together and look forward to continue leaning on each other as they enter this next phase of their careers.

“I always tell people we laugh together, we study together, we cry together. I think medical school is one of those experiences that you don’t truly understand until you’re in it. Sometimes people struggle to find someone who relates to their struggles, so for that person to be my mom was extremely helpful,” said Jasmine Kudji.

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