Coi Leray Says Her EP Will Drop This Summer, Talks Working With Fetty Wap!

After dropping two singles this year so far “Messy” and “Better Days” Featuring Fetty Wap, New Jersey native Coi Leray is gearing up to drop her first new project in almost two years this summer.

It seems like her single alongside Fetty Wap couldn’t come at a better time (despite the quarantine), with having a solid fan base, going viral a few times during this quarantine along with Fetty Wap being one of the top trends the other day as people were giving the “Trap Queen” rapper his due online. Speaking on the new single as well as Fetty on the new song she had this to say.

"Honestly people knew Fetty was great but its so much of the same s--t going on in the sense of sound and music, that Fetty had something different, so people really reminisce on the old times when we had versatile music and it was lit and you know he could be a singer, from the hood and do whatever he want compared to now the same people putting each other on the same projects, the same people on the charts, its all the same now."

She then went on to express how on the record he gave her 100% of himself and that his verse was a real og Fetty Wap verse:

"I played it for him he loved it and it was history, it felt so good, i put it so much work and he's the king of Jersey and all I needed him to do was pass the crown, Fetty brought Fetty on the song, he didn't give me no throwaway"

It's been about two years since the rapper dropped her "Everything Coz" album, which means that it's about that time for a new project to come out. After dropping the two singles including "Messy" Coi revealed to us that the EP which will come before her debut album is set to drop sometime within the next 50 days, and will feature a ton of artists including label mate Kiana Lede!

"So this new project is going to be an EP, I been signed for two years and I still never signed my debut project, we've been locked in on that making sure the debut is super big, in the meantime I'm going to drop an EP with some fire features Kiana Lede is going to be on there, you can expect it in the next 50 days. "

Before signing off we asked Coi to share a message to everyone who is watching or reading this at home who may be struggling during the pandemic, whether your a fellow artist or everyday person, she had this to say to you:

"My message to everyone who is dealing with this tough rough time right now, really take the time even if you get a mood board or piece of paper, or even go into your notes on your phone because there is no excuse, get the good and get the bad, and start really looking at all the good things that are happening around this time, the time your spending with your family, the amount of information you didn't have before, staying healthy, so I feel like you know this is the time to where you never ever done something now is the time to figure it out"

Stream Coi Leray's new single "Better Days" Featuring Fetty Wap on iHeart Radio below..

Check out the full Interview above!

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