Dolo Tonight On "Back To Earth" Album, Working With Grammy Winning Producer

Ahead of the release of his new video for his hit single "Zoom". New Jersey rapper Dolo Tonight stopped by (Zoom) to chop it up with us about the song, his upcoming project, working with a Grammy award winning producer + more!

The artists who has been steadily dropping singles every couple months is gearing up to release his new project. While Dolo for awhile wasn't yet sure what his sound was, but that all changed when he met Ashby The Mix Engineer who you may know from his work on Cardi B's "Invasion Of Privacy" (which he has a Grammy for now). The bond between a producer and the artist is so important and Dolo expressed that Ashby was really important part in finally getting the right sound he wanted.

"So a long long time ago, I hit him up and I was going to this other studio at the time and it wasn't productive sessions at the time, I didn't have a full sound yet and I hit him up on IG, this was before he got a grammy, and I was like yo I need a sound and he said he could help with that, so we linked up, got some Chinese food, chopped it up and we've worked on every song together, he's just so good at what he does and he's able to bring out the best takes".

When it comes to his new record "Zoom" (no not about the video chat service), Dolo is beginning to really paint the picture for his project. With the video for the song dropping this Friday (May 22nd), he spoke a little about the concept for the song and video, with his goal being to help people escape their current reality of the pandemic.

"Dude its crazy, we set up a green screen in my living room and bought a cardboard spaceship off amazon, like every child's dream is like to go to space in a cardboard spaceship and zoom is that kinda song, we just shot it in my house, created some space backgrounds and yea I'm just super excited for it"

His new project "Back To Earth" which doesn't have a release date as of yet continues the trend of escapism in his music:

"It's gonna be like 5 or 6 songs on the EP, it's gonna be a trip, it has a lot of electronic and hip hip inspire music. Like alien stuff, the beats. are crazy, production is wild, vocals are sick, it's a whole trip. It tells my story and you know it's a whole world and going back to earth. It's hard to be grounded during these times, so like you just zoom out for a second."

Check out the full Interview above!

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