Barbz Attack Usher For Calling Nicki Minaj A "Product" Of Lil Kim

During an Instagram Live chat session with Swizz Beatz,Usher made a big mistake and had to learn the hard way that the Barbz don’t play when it comes to their queen. 

After Saturday night's Ludacris v. NellyVerzuz, Swizz and Timbaland hosted a few artists on IG to talk about different pairings that might be exciting for fans.

During the IG Live session Swizz mentioned that folks want female battles and Lil Kim's name keeps getting thrown around, and that's when Usher proceeded to put his foot in his mouth.

Swizz said the first pair up in mind was Kim v. Foxy Brown and the other potential coupling would be the Queen Bee against Nicki Minaj. To that suggestion, Usher responded that Nicki is a “product” of Lil Kim.

An boy that statement did not go over very well with the BARBZ who swiftly took to Twitter to destroy Usher. One Barb even went as far as to say that Nicki is “making Usher relevant again.” 

Nicki and Kim have been beefing since the mid-2000s.

Photo: Getty

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