Tekashi 69 Asks Snoop Dogg To "Show His Paperwork" To Prove He's No Rat

Uncle Snoop is caught up in online drama with Tekashi 69 with the young rapper alleging that Snoop is in fact an informant just like him and should therefore not speak out against him.

Snoop has been very vocal about his dislike for 69 and once he was released from prison he continued to express his dislike for 69 and his actions as an informant. Well we all know 69 is always ready to defend himself and stir up some drama!

Tekashi 69:

"They pick and choose who they want to call rats THERES PAPER WORK and SUGE KNIGHTS prison interview BUT the industry acts blind mute and death I’m not letting up either."

While 69 had just been commenting in Snoop and The Shade Room's Instagram comments to show us his "paper work" on Friday night 69 took it to the next level by sharing a video of himself watching a documentary in which Suge Knight directly accuses Snoop of being an "informant, rat and snitch."


"We have certain individuals their informant, their snitches. Some artist will never come to prison, you watch the news follow people's trials and court cases...someone who used to be on Death Row.
Snoop would never come (to jail) each time it's nothing...there's no puzzle "he's an informant, a rat, a snitch." I don't need to put anybody out there, but the street guys knows he's never come to prison."

Do you think OGs in the rap game should be off limits?

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