NY’s New Stay-At-Home Order Date Clarified

On Friday Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that New York State’s stay-at-home order was being extended. While many outlets reported that the new extension date was June 13, there's a new date: May 28th.

At first there was much confusion among reporters and media outlets on these dates but now it's been made clear thanks to an official order and Governor staffer.

Rich Azzopardi, senior adviser to Cuomo, clarified on Friday that the executive order extends the stay-at-home orders until May 28, but extends other aspects of New York’s state of emergency through June 13. Those aspects include the suspension of rules that penalize people knowingly claiming more than they are eligible for in unemployment benefits.

The New York "PAUSE" — which banned in March all but essential work — stays in effect in regions that do not meet specific COVID-19 criteria for reopening until 11:59 p.m. on May 28, according to an executive order signed Thursday. "We're starting to turn the valve," Cuomo said during his daily press briefing Friday.

Photo: Getty

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