Gov. Cuomo Extends New York’s Stay-At-Home Order Again

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced that New York State’s stay-at-home order, which had been set to expire today, is being extended until June 13.

“Both travel-related cases and community contact transmission of COVID-19 have been documented in New York State and are expected to continue,”the governor’s executive order says in continuing the “New York State on PAUSE” policy, which was put in place in March.

“All enforcement mechanisms by state or local governments shall continue to be in full force and effect until June 13, 2020, unless later extended or amended by a future Executive Order,” he added in the order signed Thursday.

The Order also states that effective at 12:01 a.m. on May 15, 2020 that the reductions and restrictions on the in-person workforce at non-essential businesses or other entities shall no longer apply to Phase One industries:

  • Construction, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting, Retail - (Limited to curbside or in-store pickup or drop off); Manufacturing and Wholesale Trade;
  • Such businesses or entities must be operated subject to the guidance promulgated by the Department of Health;
  • Only those businesses or entities in a region that meets the prescribed public health and safety metrics, as determined by the Department of Health, will be eligible for reopening.

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