Lil Dicky's "Dave" Becomes FX's Highest Ranked Comedy Series Of All Time

If you havn't gotten the chance to bing watch Lil Dicky's new show "Dave", you definetly need to take some time out your week to sit back and unwind by watching this show because it's hilarious! The show is so great that it actually just became FX's highest ranked comedy series of ALL TIME.

According to Deadline the show has achieved the title of the highest ranked comedy series ever on the network AND with no surprise will be getting renewed for a second season.

Expressing on his Instagram that he's already in "Season 2 mode", we cannot wait to see where Lil Dicky takes us next with the show.

We also want to express our gratitude to the team over on "Dave" for allowing us to have a small but great roll in the show!!!!

Photo Credit:@isaywesay

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