Is Mike Tyson Making A Boxing Comeback? At 53!

In the last 24 hours many have been wondering: "is Mike Tyson making a boxing comeback?" and it would appear so after he posted a VICIOUS training video on Monday in which he declared "I'm back" at the end.

Even at the age of 53 this video shows an opponent that even the likes of Deontay Wilder should fear (if Tyson trains for a fight) 😩 TMZ previously reported that both Mike and Evander Holyfield are interested in getting back in the ring to raise money for charities through exhibition fights, so maybe he's prepping for this bout.

While you may be thinking hitting the pads and getting in the ring are two VERY different things, Mike was a naturally gifted athlete who was born to fight and a master of the game. He will never forget how to fight, this is embedded in him + that muscle memory is real. Mike always been a student of the game, a power guy and he knew how to break guys all the way DOWN.

Iron Mike was one of the most devastating heavyweight boxers of all time, becoming the youngest person ever to win the title as a 20-years-old. He went 50-6 in his career, beating opponents like Trevor BerbickPinklon ThomasLarry Holmes and Michael Spinks along the way. His most famous losses included two losses to Holyfield (including a disqualification for biting his ear in 1997) and to Buster Douglas + Lennox Lewis

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