Booka 600 Talks Mental Health, New Project "Homeless", & Chicago Rap Scene

OTF's own Booka 600 called in to On The Radar this week after releasing his new project "Homeless". The project sees the Chicago drill rapper effortlessly blend his smooth melodies with real bars making for truly unique project. For a minute now the young rapper has been putting in a ton of work dropping projects such as "Word To LA" in 2019 and "Six Summers" in 2018.

With this new EP Booka reflects on his life on songs like "The Edge" and "I Rap", even speaking on his mental health and PTSD. When asked why he decided to open up more on this project about these type of things he had this to say:

"It's just like its what I come from, its the word I come from, Im giving them the real me, it involves PTSD, its going through things and having traumatic distress from it, its easier to tell your story for real and give them the real you"
going on to explain what helps him deal with the things he's gone through as well as keep himself grounded "I try to keep myself from being mad all day, I smoke weed, different things, I read and record in the studio and thats why keeps me from facing that"

While being with Lil Durk's Only The Family for some time when asked about how his life has changed from being in the streets to making music the rapper expressed that "it's way different" and that originally he wasn't really able to leave the streets or travel. However now that he has moved to ATL and is able to focus on music and his family he see things completely differently but still recognizes where he came from and put that in his music.

Booka 600's has a core message for all of his fans "To Make A Better Way For Yourself", explaining the reason for always pushing this message to his fans he emphasized that it's because he was able to find a better way in life and wants his fans to be able to do the same:

"Just thats what I did, thats what I had to do, I had to strive and get from where I was at, stuck in a certain type of life, thats why I express to them you CAN do it"

Check out the full Interview above!

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