Fendi P On "Smokin' Potnas" Tape W/ Curren$y, How Jet life Changed His Life

Straight out Louisiana we got to chop it up with Fendi P for On The Radar! The Jet Life artist has been with the New Orleans Hip-Hop collective for some time now, consistently dropping projects (3 last year alone with "Carrera Red", "Fuel Station" & "Fendi P 3". However his first outing of 2020 comes in the form of "Smokin' Potnas" a collab tape with Jet Life founder Curren$y. The tape which dropped back in March consists of 9 songs and blends together perfectly the two Louisiana artists style to form a true to form Jet Life project.

When asked about dropping the project at the top of quarantine, the rapper was sad that he didn't get the opportunity to go out on the road and connect with his fans.

"I wish i woulda know s--t was gonna shut down we woulda shot more videos, my only problem i have with it is that It fucked us up how we move around, and I think its important for us to be on the road, people gonna listen to this regardless, we just cant go around and touch the people"

While P has been with Jet Life for some time now the topic came up on why this is the first time he and Curren$y linked up to do an entire tape together. Explaining why he think it took this long to make it happened he credited Curren$y on being a true strategist on top of the fact that P felt like he had to polish up his early music to get to the point where a collab project was possible.

"I guess it was more of a timing thing, Spitta he strategize he probably felt it wasn't time, personally me if I look at my path of coming in, it wasn't time, thats how I feel honestly, I wasn't a rapper, like I just liked music and started working on music so me personally a lot of my earlier music needed some touching up and polishing. Working under him I was able to polish up and now he felt like it was the time to do it.

Fendi has been rolling with Jet Life for a long time now, so we had to ask him how his life has changed from when he used to call himself "Corner Boy P" to now where he is at a point where he can reap the rewards of his career

"it's beautiful as f--k, you gotta realize ima stream n--a i be in the hood all day, just be able to go tour with spitta and be on the road and I always say if it wasn't for foster care and adoptions I wouldn't be in this position, I got a brand new ass 9/11 and I never had a radio record, I been having Rolex's and jewelry, its just wonderful being until him I wouldn't trade it its Jet Life or nothing"

Check out Fendi P's full Interview above and listen to "Smokin' Potnas" on iHeartRadio here

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