Brandy Says Upcoming Album Is Her "Most Personal & Authentic One To Date"

Brandy is back! The artist has returned with her new record "Baby Mama" Featuring none other than Chance The Rapper! The song which Brandy has said was inspired by her daughter and how she makes her a better person comes just in time for mothers day. Brandy is also using the song to fundraise money for helping single parents in need through Warrick Dunne Charities Inc.

What's also so great about the song is that she was able to secure Chance The Rapper on the feature, speaking on how she locked him in Brandy revealed that Chance was the first to reach out to work on something for his new album and then they just went from there:

"Chance actually reached out to me, he wanted to do something for his album, I was like absolutely I love his work, so I said yes. I told him you got to return the favor for "Baby Mama", he's a family guy, so I thought he'd be great for the song and he killed it".

Along with the single Brandy spoke about her new album that's in the works, while she couldn't give to many details on it, she did reveal that Chance and Daniel Caesar are the two features on it so far:

"Just Chance and Daniel caesar are on the album, and this album is my most personal and authentic album to date I really put my heart and soul into it and I think the fans are going to love it".

While we all continue to maintain our distance from each other during the coronavirus quarantine Brandy shared how she has been staying positive and talking to God daily through letters

"I talk to god a lot I write love letters to God everyday, real letters, I spill the beans. Yeah I write them everyday, I have to be completely honest when Im writing in my journal, I learned how to not lie to myself, and when your talking to God he already knows what your feeling whether you write it down or not so you might as well keep it real".

Check out the full Interview above.

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