Little Women Atlanta's Miss Minnie Caused Her Fatal Accident Cops Say

In late April we reported that one of the stars of 'Little Women Atlanta' had passed away at 34-years-old. Now new details have surfaced offering up some more information concerning the accident which caused her death.

TMZ got a hold of the crash report, and it shows:

Based on eyewitness testimony and the responding officer's observation ... Minnie lost control of her car while traveling southbound on one side of a highway, causing her to jerk the steering wheel right. Cops say she went off-road briefly before violently swinging back to the left and colliding with another vehicle in the opposite lane. Neither she nor the other driver were ejected. The other driver was taken to a hospital with complaints of pain -- but the cops note, Minnie was unresponsive on the scene. She would later be pronounced dead.
The report also indicates that no drug or alcohol tests were administered to either driver. It does say, however, that Minnie was determined to be at fault in the crash.

As for cause of death the Fulton County Medical Examiner tells TMZ there was no autopsy performed on Minnie, and no report is forthcoming either. She'll likely be listed as having died from blunt force trauma from the accident.

Rest in peace Miss Minnie 🙏🏾

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