FaithSocial Creates An Online Social Media Digital Platform For Christians!

Faithsocial has brought together the worldwide Christian Community on ‘national Prayer Day’ with the creation of an online social media digital platform.

Multi-faceted free social media platform embraces technology, enabling Christians across the world to safely communicate, connect, socialize, and be entertained.

Christians across the world have needed and have long awaited a digital platform to socialize, to connect, to share their faith, and to have a safe and loving home. FaithSocial provides an online social community that so many of the world’s 2.35 billion Christians are seeking.

FaithSocial features a dynamic Christian atmosphere that doesn’t require uniformity, in that all denominations and diverse beliefs within the community are welcome. Non-Christians are also invited if they choose to share, explore, and experience.

For National Prayer Day compliments FaithSocial’s Prayer Circle, where users can submit their prayers for others to see, share, and support. Its free platform also includes chat, a discussion forum, shopping, Bible studies and trivia, nationwide church locator, videos, music, FaithSocial groups, podcasts, and more.

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