Lil Tjay Addresses All The Drama He's Been Involved In This Week

Lil Tjay has been in the news a whole lot this past week as a lot of drama popped off on social media with various artists such as Rubi Rose, Chinese Kitty, A Boogie, Don Q, Trap Manny + more!

Hopping on IG Live with Angie, Tjay spoke on a lot of the situations that went down this weekend.

Check out this memorable quotes from the IG live below,

  • “One thing that I can say is that were I went wrong at is that I shouldn’t have brought up Ella in this situation…that was a little bit of a no-no…I’m sorry Ella.”
  • “It was something already going on…I did put a lot of light under it and I guess I shouldn’t have.”
  • “I never want to be a negative role model for my fans…It just don’t look good for the city.
  • “The whole goal of this mixtape was to unify the city, for us to growth as a city. I got shifted out of that and the initial goal got out of my mind.”
  • It was never a situation with me an Artist (A Boogie) I never felt like we had bad energy, but over time it escalated.
  • It’s kinda too much to just be like let me explain on Live…it’s just like a lot of stuff going on
  • I let my emotions supersede my intelligence…I will never talk about it on the internet. I’m willing to leave it alone from here on…I’ma just chill.”
  • “I got the last Pop Smoke feature till the album come out. Pop and Fivio are the closest that I am to rappers…me and Pop smoke talked to each other every day.
  • I’m back to the Lil TJay that everybody knows…
  • “I did go overboard with all the girl stuff too…that whole overall negative attention I’m done with it. I’m ready to be the biggest artist that I can be.”
  • “I just want the world to know that Rubi Rose lowkey has my heart…she’s not what she perceives to be, Rubi is actually a good girl, she got morals. We still talk.”
  • “Chinese Kitty I feel like I went overboard with her too, but I don’t want to talk about her right now.”

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