Tiger Woods Reveals What Really "Destroyed’ His Body

Tiger Woods’ says his biggest regret in life isn’t quite what you’d expect consider all the mess he's been involved in.

Asked by a fan on Golf TV what he would tell his younger self, the five-time Masters winner recently responded, “Not to run so much.”

“Running over 30 miles a week for probably my first five, six years on Tour pretty much destroyed my body and my knees,” the 44-year-old Woods said.

According to Golf.com’s Nick Piastowski, “For the first part of his career, Tiger Woods would start his day with a 4-mile run. Next, he’d lift at the gym, golf for 2-3 hours, and work on his short game. Woods would end his day with another 4-miler and possibly some basketball or tennis.”

“When I first came out here, I was the only guy in the gym,” Woods recently on CBS’ “Tiger Tales.” “There was nobody else. Generally, that’s when athletes peak, around 25. Fortunately for me, I was able to take advantage of my peak years.”

Check out the clip below.

Photo: Getty

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