Stimulus Checks: Can American's Expect a Second Round of Payments?

In light of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, nearly 88 million Americans received their emergency stimulus checks passed by the government's Coronavirus Aid Relief (CARES) program.

During this unprecedented time, many American's have lost their jobs and currently remain unemployed. Although the cash assistance helped ease the financial effects caused by the pandemic, bills still need to paid on a monthly basis and money unfortunately, does runs out.

The good news is Congress and President Trump are on board in passing a second round of economic relief payments to Americans and according to HuffPost,"The goal is for Congress to complete another stimulus package ― dubbed “CARES 2” ― by May 4. In addition to direct payments, it would include additional aid for state and local governments and free health care coverage for coronavirus patients."

During a recent news conference, Trump stated, "We could very well do a second round of direct (payments). It is absolutely under serious consideration.”

Also, earlier this month Representative Ro khanna of California and Tim Ryan of Ohio proposed the Emergency Money for the People Act (EMPA), "a bill that would provide a new round of stimulus payments of $2,000 per month to U.S. citizens and residents over the age of 16 who earn $130,000 or less. After the first six months, the program could be renewed for an additional six months unless the employment-to-population ratio reaches a pre-COVID19 level of 60%."

Like the CARES act, eligibility for EMPA would be, "determined by adjusted gross income from 2018 or 2019 tax returns."

Will this second wave of payments get approved? It's still too early to say.

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