Radamiz On Selling $100,000 Merch, Acting In New Movie "Inner City Rats"

Radamiz made his return to On The Radar during the quarantine! The rapper who's album last year "Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes" was extremely well received surpassing well over 1 Million streams! Since then he has been doing a ton of various projects not only working on his new album he recently starred in a new movie called "Inner City Rats".

"Once again its just about creating, Inner city rats its basically petty thieves and criminals, its just like stupid thugs and very different ways, obvious mishaps, but I think its very entertaining, its New York, its funny, its an independent film"

Along with starring in movies the rapper created his own book which details the creation of his album, as well as some other things that were created just for the book. Speaking on why he wanted to make a book that followed the album he expressed that it's something special true fans can hold close especially if they been rocking with him since the beginning.

"For me if I'm gonna support somebody that I love id get this, its all individual arts, there's stories behind some of the handwritten lyrics, poems, stories, things I wrote for the books placement, I just see it as a if you are going to support somebody and are a fan of somebody, that's like something special"

Before signing off he shared some encouraging words to everyone out there stuck inside during the quarantine:

"Love yourself, do your best to reconnect with people you haven't spoken to in a while, do your best to end any issues or problems you have with anyone outside in the world."

Check out the full Interview above!

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