Dozens Of Bodies Found Inside U-Haul Trucks In Brooklyn

Dozens of bodies many of which were the remains of coronavirus victims 🙏🏾 were seen being loaded from several U-Haul trucks to a refrigerator truck outside of a Brooklyn funeral home on Wednesday afternoon.

Officers from the 63rd Precinct were called to the Andrew T. Cleckley Funeral Home at 2057A Utica Avenue after a 911 caller reported “blood coming from one of the trucks.” When police arrived from the 63rd Precinct they found workers from the funeral home loading bodies from the two U-Hauls into a large refrigerator truck.

Turns out the funeral home has been keeping dozens dead bodies from Covid-19 in unrefrigerated U-Haul trucks in front of their Flatlands building and were trying to move the bodies to a bigger truck. Police say 15 bodies were moved to a refrigerator truck before officials ordered them to stop.

One neighbor of the Utica Avenue funeral home tells AMNY that this isn’t the first time the undertaker has had to resort to trucks to store the deceased during the ongoing pandemic, but they recently up-sized the truck to keep up with the influx of bodies. 

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