Miami Goes 7 Weeks Without A Single Homicide

For the first time since 1957, Miami, Florida has gone seven weeks without a reported homicide and while the lockdown orders are surely contributing to the crime curb, Miami Police said the trend began before the lockdown.

Miami has now gone murder-free from February 17th through April 12th and Miami PD also says other crimes have decreased, too.

The U.S. virus epicenter in New York has seen major crimes — murder, rape, robbery, burglary, assault, grand larceny and car theft — decrease by 12% from February to March. In Los Angeles, 2020 key crimes statistics were consistent with last year’s figures until the week of March 15, when they dropped by 30%.

“There’s a lot fewer opportunities for criminals to take advantage of,” said Joe Giacalone, a former New York Police Department sergeant who now teaches at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. “Most burglars, they wait for you to leave the house.”

Photo: Getty

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