Mr Swipey Says A Kpop Collab Is In The Works, Talks New Project + More!

800 Foreign side records own Mr. Swipey stopped by On The Radar! The rapper who already has been making a ton of moves spinning his way into the spotlight. After dropping his most recent single "Savage" Featuring Fivio Foreign, the Brooklyn rapper is looking ahead to his project which will be titled "The Language":

"thats like our running thing right now, that catches that, people be like you do more than spin, you rap, but thats not the project, the project is "the language", theres going to be a mix of culture in there, mix of music not only drill, ima keep it drill, but also add other things"

He also revealed that he's trying to tap into different lanes within the music such as working on some latin records as well as trying to tap into the K-pop market teasing that there is a collab with a Korean artist coming along eventually.

Swipey has also been working close with French Montana previewing some new heat!

Check out the full Interview above.

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