DMX Hosts Bible Study On Instagram Live

With IG lives battle being all the rage during the Coronavirus, DMX is taking a different approach with his Instagram live. Last Friday (April 24th) the rapper took to his Instagram live to share some words from the bible as well as speak some of truth.

"God put it on my heart to speak, This is new to me. This is not what I do. I ain't with showing everybody what I'm doing at every minute. That's just not me. That's not how I get down. You see me when you see me. It is what it is. That's how I get down. I ain't gon' change. I love who I am. I'm God's child. We all are."

Amassing a huge audience in the live he also shared how important prayer is right now especially during these times. The rapper is still reportedly working on a new album as he signed a deal with Def Jam back in 2019!

See some clips from his live below..

Photo Getty Images

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