Brooklyn Barbershop Busted For Large Party & Defying Social Distancing

A local Brooklyn Barbershop is in hot water after they were caught defying social distancing rules having a party that reportedly had more than 50 people in attendance. The party had gone on this past Saturday (April 18th) just passed 10pm when cops rolled through and found everyone partying in the basement of the shop.

According to The New York Daily news authorities gave out 60 summonses for defying the social distancing guidelines and arrested two people due to their connection to a gun that was found.

Mayor Bill De Blasio addressed the situation explaining that the NYPD will continue to break up these parties and hand out summonses

"police are absolutely doing the right thing breaking those things up, we're going to keep breaking those things up, if people need to get summonses to get the message we'll do it, and remember as for the guns they picked up, policing goes on, the fight to protect public safety goes on"

Photo Getty Images

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