Where Has Melania Trump Been During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

After Melania Trump was noticeably absent from the “One World: Together at Home” global fundraising concert over the weekend, some people are wondering where the first lady has been.

Former first ladies Michelle Obama and Laura Bush made a joint appearance on the broadcast from their homes. Sources within the Trump administration told Inside Edition that Melania was allegedly not invited to participate in the event.

Turns out the First Lady has spent the last several weeks like the rest of America -- at home. Her work, while hindered by the restrictions of coronavirus, has continued, according to her office, and one of the first lady's regular habits has included checking in with her counterparts in other countries. To date, Trump has publicly acknowledged calls to seven foreign leaders' partners, the most recent taking place Thursday when she spoke to Carrie Symonds, the conservationist and fiancée of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

"The first lady is keeping in touch with several leader spouses at a time when communication is essential," Stephanie Grisham, Trump's chief of staff, told CNN.

Photo: Getty

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