Babyface & Teddy Riley Break IG Live's Record Again Surpassing 500K Viewers

Well we finally got what we all were waiting for a true battle between these two legends. Now while the battle started off with some technical difficulties fans were able to watch the battle on their computers despite IG live on mobile being frozen for most people.

It got so big Instagram even released a comment due to how many people were watching the live.

"We love how much you're all enjoying the #TeddyRileyvBabyface Live on Instagram! We're experiencing some technical difficulties on mobile apps but we're working on it. In the meantime, live is available on desktop!"

While the last live broke the record for most IG live viewers at once with 415K (record previously held by Tory Lanez and Don Miguelo). Last night's live went even further surpassing over 500,000 viewers! This was definitely one for the history books.

Congrats to everyone involved!

Photo Getty Images

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