What COVID-19 Survivor Says Comes After Beating the Virus

After recovering from a frightening case of coronavirus, a Detroit news anchor is battling something else: survivor’s guilt.

Evrod Cassimy’s wife and two children were also sick, and he says he doesn’t take anything for granted as they all recover. “It’s hard to celebrate and be so happy that you’re fully recovered when people are dying,” Cassimy says. “It’s like this guilt feeling. Here in Detroit and southeast Michigan we’re getting hit really hard.”

Cassimy, a married father of two, said Monday he knew at least one person who died overnight from COVID-19. “There’s a good chance you or someone you know knows someone that has passed away or is really sick,” Cassimy said. “I have a lot of survivor’s guilt.”

Many patients who are hospitalized are disconnected from family members once they’re admitted, as visitors are heavily restricted. To offset that, one New York City doctor has collected over 600 iPads to aid communication between loved ones.

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