Travis Scott To Hold Virtual Concert In Fortnite


This has been officially confirmed by Epic Games with an accompanying trailer.

With concerts shut down for the time being artists have been getting creative with how they connect with their fans. With a lot of artists doing virtual live concerts whether it be on IG live, Twitch or some other live streaming service, Travis Scott may be taking his talent to the video game world.

Thanks to a bunch of leaks and eagle eyed gamers, Travis Scott will reportedly have his own concert inside the the popular video game "Fortnite". The game which is no stranger to events like this has done concerts in-game in the past with the likes of EDM DJ Marshmello.

Fans have pointed out that there is a planet that looks like a theme park on collision course with the world of Fortnite, obviously this is reference to Scott's last album "Astroworld" but in this sense quite literally a world.

Check out the video below that has fans convinced Astroworld is coming in Fornite!

Photo Getty Images

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