Blue Ivy Teaches You Why It's Important To Wash Your Hands

Look, if Blue Ivy can do it so can you! Over the weekend Tina Lawson posted a video of Blue Ivy using the soap and black pepper experiment to show people why it's so important you thoroughly wash your hands.

In the video she explains how that the pepper which serves as the coronavirus in this scenario won't come off unless you really wash your hands correctly

“This is why it’s important to wash your hands. I have a mixture of a lot of different types of soap inside of this. This is the coronavirus or any virus. It’s actually just pepper, So you’re going to want to stick your finger inside of the mixture of soaps, make sure you get a lot on there. Then put your finger in it.”

Before ending the video she cutely sends a message to everyone at home, “So peace out, I hope you guys are staying safe. Wash your hands extra and please stay at home. Love y’all.”

Check out Blue's PSA below...

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