Some Banks Keeping Stimulus Checks For Overdrawn Accounts

Some Americans won't get to even see their coronavirus stimulus checks - they are reportedly disappearing because their banks are keeping the money.

Some banks are putting customers’ deposits from the federal government toward negative balances in their accounts — leaving those unfortunate taxpayers with nothing, the New York Times reports.

  • USAA — a financial services company that serves people in the military — kept $2,400 from a Minneapolis woman and her disabled veteran husband because they had an overdrawn account, according to the paper. The woman was reportedly planning to use the money to pay rent and buy formula for her infant daughter.
  • Another woman had to battle with Digital Credit Union in Massachusetts to keep all of the $2,400 that she and her husband were due to receive, the Times reported. The credit union reportedly kept $1,000 at first because of an overdrawn account but relented after the customer called multiple times.
  • Benji Pedro of South Carolina told the Times that Safe Federal Credit Union kept his entire $1,200 stimulus payment to help pay back an account that was overdrawn by $2,650 because he had forgotten to cancel a pair of music subscriptions.

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