YNW Melly Denied Release Despite Showing Signs Of Coronavirus

Not long ago we reported that YNW Melly was asking for release from the Florida prison he is in due to concerns of Coronavirus but as of today a judge has denied his release and he is to remain behind bars despite apparently testing positive for Coronavirus.

The 20 year old rapper has apparently be receiving special medical treatment while locked up as he has been suffering from chills, breathing issues, body aches + more. In a statement from his attorney Bradford Cohen he stressed that the rapper is continuing to be sick and the jail isn't taking the necessary steps to help his recovery:

"He still has headaches and body aches. Mr. Demons is 114 lbs. The jail is just ill prepared if his diagnosis takes a turn for the worse, They have not given them masks, or cleaning supplies that would be beneficial regarding his recovery."

Photo Getty Images.

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