Meek Mill Donates His Rolls-Royce To Be Auctioned For Coronavirus Relief

Meek Mill is continuing to do his part to help those less fortunate who have been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. The rapper took to his IG to announce that he will be joining Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin's #AllINCHALLENGE, which is dedicated to help feeding the hungry and those who need the assistance during these times. In his acceptance video Meek revealed that he will be auctioning off his biggest and favorite car a 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom.

In a follow up post he said goodbye to his favorite car but was Happy that the money raised from the auction will goes to those who need it most

"THIS MY BABY IMA MISSSSSSSS YOUUUUUUUUUU 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍 papers signed!! #donated “ my dream car that motivated me to chase success!! #allinchallenge Yeah I be snapping with helping people too "

Michael Rubin announced the beginning of the #AllIinChallenge via his Instagram last night where he challenged people in sports, entertainment and beyond to come together to raise money for Coronavirus relief:

"Today we’re launching the ALL-IN Challenge with the goal of uniting the sports, business and entertainment communities to start the largest digital fundraising movement ever by raising tens of millions of dollars or more to help provide food for the growing number of people in need that COVID-19 crisis has created!"

Shoutout to Meek for continuing to help those in need during these times!

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