Left Eye Would Have Turned 49 Today - Celebrate Lisa With Top 5 TLC Videos

There's no forgetting some people and Left Eye is surely one of those magical humans we will remember forever!

So today on what would have been Lisa Lopes' 49th birthday, we want to celebrate her life, talent and music by revisiting the top 5 and most viewed TLC videos of all time:

  1. 'No Scrubs' - 206M YouTube views
  2. 'Waterfalls' - 100M YouTube views
  3. 'Creep' - 76M YouTube views
  4. 'Unpretty' - 41M YouTube views
  5. 'Red Light Special' - 33M YouTube views

On April 25, 2002, with Supernova yet to be formally released and a fourth TLC album still in production, Lopes was killed in a car accident on a highway in Roma (near La Ceiba), Honduras, where the she owned a condominium.

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