J.Lo Tells Diddy That A-Rod Is His Biggest Fan - Out Of Line Or All Love?

Do you think J.Lo was outta line for telling her ex that her new man is his "biggest fan"?

If you're too young to know, Jennifer Lopez and Diddy dated back in the '90s. The two even got hauled off to a precinct together after a shootout went down in Club New York in Time Square, they were a couple-COUPLE! Now fast forward to 2020, Diddy is uber-successful and with six kids and J.Lo is everyone's body/life goals at 50-year-old while planning her fourth wedding. Plenty of time has passed by 🙏🏾

On Sunday Diddy held an Instagram Live Dance-A-Thon where he had different celebrities pop in for some dancing fun. J.Lo and Alex Rodriguez popped in and things were well a bit weird between the exes. First Diddy asks J.Lo is she likes his beard 👀 then that's followed by J.Lo blowing up A-Rod by the telling Diddy that her man is his biggest fan 😩 as hundreds of thousands of Instagram users watched on.

"Puffy, Puffy, you have to know this! Cause I don't think you know this. This guy is your biggest fan. From The Bad Boy era, you and Mase are his heroes...Any party we do, it's put on Puffy and Mase."

While A-Rod found it funny, some say she shouldn't have done that to her man 😂 low-key embarrassing!

Big S/O Diddy who held the biggest dance-a-thon in the world to raise money and showing appreciate to our healthcare workers. Hit up TEAMLOVE.COM to donate.

Photo: Getty

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