Hundreds Of Women Caught Up In Abortion Bans Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic stretching the healthcare system and forcing adjustments, some women wishing to terminate or seeing themselves forced to terminate a pregnancy are unable to do so.

So far, five states have tried to ban the procedure, declaring it non-essential and two weeks ago Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, issued a nearly total ban on abortion amid the COVID-19 outbreak calling the procedure "non-essential" and the vast majority of abortion services have not been available in the state.

While trying to explain how a temporary ban on abortion should not be considered unconstitutional, Texas Attorney General says that "the Governor's executive order deals with all elective procedures and it's not like he was singling out abortion services."

These state's bans on abortion services leaves women forced to defy their state's stay at home order and drive to a different state to have the abortion done.

Photo: Getty

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