NJ Landlord Waives All His Tenants' Rents For 3 Months

A Montclair, New Jersey landlord has waived rent payments for three months to help his tenants as they face financial trouble during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

David Placek, had originally waived April and May, but recently tacked on June as well. David said he's grateful that he's even in a position to do this.


"By and large we've gotten a good reception from our tenants, they're happy that we were able to do this early on and really able to show them some compassion and feelings for what they might be going through. We didn't ask them what financial position they're in."

He owns 12 properties and the average rent of each unit is $1,200-1,500 per month. Over the next 3 months he's forgoing more than $50,000, all to help his tenants during their time of need. Thank you!

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